Explainer – Get It Through Video

I watch YouTube every day, no not those videos. Educational videos, exercise videos, music videos and sometimes, inspirational videos, funny videos… These videos have subtly changed my life.

It’s perfectly normal to like videos, because videos are the best way to learn and teach anything via social media. You quickly learn something from a video many times faster than reading from a Webpage or only listening to an audio or a person.

With video, you can have a person speaking about an idea, while you view examples of what the person is talking about streamed in the video.

With good video shots and smart interplay of text, music and vocals, you can achieve maximum impact from the very short explainer video.

You not only help your users save time, but you also entertain them!

One fantastic explainer video from the list handpicked by Danyl Bosomworth, co-founder of Smart Insights and Managing Director of First 10 Digital.


2 responses to “Explainer – Get It Through Video

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