5 Great Things I Would Blog About

Blogging time is now a part of my favourite daily activities, next to reading online magazines.

So here is my plan for this humble blog:

1. Researching inspirational videos, particularly those from Guy Kawasaki’s talks. Love his style of humor and realistic perspective.

2. Linking up to resources from local online marketing blogs – there are a few useful ones I came to like.

3. Noting down the latest technological updates for Google, Ipads- yes, I am interested in the Ipad mini. Please tell me if it’s slready in Singapore. My eePad has just burnt out.

4. Cutting through the recommended social media tips & organising them in an infographic you can simply use for 20 minutes a day, or even 15 minutes? Wordstream’s 20-min PPC work week is a fantastic example. But I will come up with one for social media.

I have yet to figure the best tool for creating a quick infographic. Recommendations please?

5. Writing my arguments on some pressing issue. I will add to the existing debates, based on ethics and spiritual believes. We all need a set of rules to live by, so in all attempts, I am still a white hat manager.

Inspire, enlighten and entertain – blog for humanity


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