It was right after work on Tuesday as I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop and watching others who were heading for the bus stop, and I started to just imagine a dooms day scenario. Perhaps the dark looming clouds started the imagination.

I was thinking what would it be like when a horrific natural disaster hits, and people are just still in a dreamy after-work mode, and did not realise the extent of what’s going to befall on them. They will probably just shrug off the first signs of the calamity as just one of the bad weather days. And they will just carry on their lives till the true disaster shows its force.

When I got home and watched the world news, it was then I realised that Storm Sandy had hit New York and other US cities, causing loss of lives and power shutdown.

I wonder how my fellow colleagues and acquaintances are. I hope they are alright and that they can quickly overcome this challenging period. The storm happens for a reason, and sometimes, through such a trying period, we are reminded of the real meaning of life.


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