Mindmaps – Crazy Messy Cool Infographics

A few days ago, fate has brought me back to the days of endless revision for major exams (O Levels, A levels & Uni Exams in Singapore), stress-filled days of hope and praying for miracles. I stumbled upon the saviour of my school days: the proven effective, yet always under-utilised because it is “messy and awkward looking” – the Mindmap.

For the young lady S who said “messy” and had her parents to fire me, I hope she is doing as good or better than the other young girl N who has made her parents proud after seriously using the Mindmap as a core function in her study routine. N was my student, among the rare few who trusted my teaching method. And she did a couple of really messy but good Mindmaps.

The more messy your Mindmap, the better and more useful it becomes.

I am not an Accredited Learning Instructor with Tony Buzan (though some day, perhaps) but I am speaking from the experience of a not-so-smart student who believes in constant self-improvement and regular use of Mindmaps to aid her learning process. Who didn’t have to work as hard as if she would have without building the Mindmaps.

No matter how complex a topic is, the Mindmap just sorts it out nice and smooth. Why? Because it mimics how your brain naturally works! It can even amplify your neural capacities, fluffing up your grey matter by re-inforcing the links that get degenerated as age catches up.

Dear friends, unless you are a prodigy, or even if you are, do not underestimate the messiness of Mindmaps. Try making one for a serious presentation or exam study, and be enlightened! This is not a paid advertisement. 🙂

Dear Parents of all races, this is the shortcut for your child’s success in learning. Find more tips here on how to maximise the brain’s potential in doing revision.

Dear Educators and Thought Leaders, you know what to do. Here is a simple sample Mindmap use -for starters.

The software that I was so looking for since 1993, MindMap, finally found it 2 days ago. Go google for iMindmap. A recommendation for marketers: get rid of the lists of specs or product benefits – convert them to Product Mindmaps., if you want to stand out. If you are not convinced, do challenge me with your questions. I will be at your disposal.


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