How I Manage My Adwords Accounts Without Using Paid Tools

3 Beginner’s Shortcuts for SEM management Without Expensive Tools
(60 min Mentally Engaging SEM)

1. Look at whole account keywords and shave off Low CTR Keywords (4 digits vs 1 digit) (make sure you choose a period of say 2 months for a more accurate CTR number). I usually sort by impression, and zoom to the keywords with unusually high impressions but low clicks. These are the ones which I will pause/delete or change their match type to make it phrase match, modified broad match, or exact match.


Long tail keywords (more specific – keywords with 2-3 words) will give you better results in the long run.

2. Look at campaign level, and target low CTR adgroups. Find out what’s wrong with them. Have you paused the keywords that are the culprits? Any other potential culprit keywords? Then look at the ad text. Why is the ad text not getting the clicks? Improve it by using the ad text best practices, and your own secret formula (if you have one, and you should).


Be enticing in your ad text, but stay professional. Ensure correct spelling and grammar. Most importantly, your keywords must appear in your title and description. Make your keywords “scream” twice at their audience!)

3. Look at the keywords with many clicks. Are they really the most relevant to your campaign? Check the search query terms. Are they targeted to your business? If not, these keywords are just “eating up” your budget. Make them more specific and also add negative keywords (from the irrelevant query search terms and more off your head).


A common error for SEM managers is to think that the most popular keywords should not be removed/paused. Not true. If your goal is brand awareness, and you want more reach, make sure you are still targetting the right audience.

If you have Google Analytics, it will give you the benefit of seeing the types of keywords that generate leads. However, sometimes, some keywords (and in my case, most keywords) don’t show in the data. But you can also check from Bounce Rate stats if you want to know whether your keywords are targeted.

Aim for a high CTR always!


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