The New Social Need In Workforce

Social Media and The Modern Office ‘facebook’ Culture

How many times do you feel that your efforts at work are not being recognised? How transparent are your supervisors on project goals and their expectations of you?

The traditional work appraisal system will soon be irrelevant for the Gen Y workforce, where the employees are enthusiastic about acquiring new skills and moving on to accomplish bigger goals, after each successful mision is conquered.

This generation thrives on social recognition and enjoys keeping updates on one another. The diehard facebook generation, exactly. Almost each hour, their fingers will wander to the famous blue icon, happy to respond on an interesting post.

I was reading about a blog of hootsuite, and found 7 Geese, a software that helps to align company values with those of employees’. Basically, it provides a real-time platform for employees to set their goals and then announce through the network about any mistakes, success and task completion.

Others at the workplace can respond to the post, and this immediate response from the people involved will help to strengthen the team spirit and bring on a more motivated and empowered team.

This software has worked companies which are rapidly expanding like hootsuite. But it is a valuable tool, next to facebook, that I hope to use one day in the cause of teambuilding, work recognition and empowerment.

And I think the tool should be called the seriousfacebook. LOL


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