Is Your Social Media Becoming Schizophrenic?

Personal Or Business role in social media? What is the ideal balance between these two roles? Will social media be a mess of personal posts and business interest in the future as more business pages are being set up in social media channels?

I have been pretty mixed about social media lately when social media is now steered towards branding/promotions. An effort must be made to maintain the delicate balance of the social media ‘mental processing state’, so that the majority of users will not be put off by the promotional ads and irrelevant status updates.

At the end of the day, users need social media to bring a sparkle in their eyes, not an eye sore. The magnet of social media lies in the ‘heart’ of the collective posts.

Ugly Encounters With Social Media in 2012

1. Business pages that are trying too hard, posting frequently on a product/service that is not new, or an article that is not of interest to you.
E.g the same old picture of the product every week.

2. Friends sharing a meaningless post just to win a contest
E.g. An uninspiring product image posted incessantly by your contacts who were serious about winning

3. Posts that are disconnected from humility and kindness
E.g. Complaining or showing off instead of counting your blessings

Memorable Moments With Social Media in 2012

1. Real life stories of kindness
E.g. The taxi driver who worked beyond his duty to drive an elderly woman around the places she wanted to visit, not realising he had fulfilled her last wishes before she died.

2. Posts encouraging cooperation and donations in the cause of helping an ill or needy person
E.g. Selling products via social media and using the money from the sales to help support the hefty hospital bills of an ill baby who needed a major surgery

3. Articles that teach you to lead a smarter life
E.g. How do you save from your salary, and how do you spend less time in managing daily tasks

What Most of Your Posts & Ads Should Include in 2013

1. Humility and sensitivity (No bragging)

2. Sincerity and thoughtfulness (Not an act done for the sake of getting into the limelight)

3. Life lessons (No one can get enough of this, and they can be life-changing.)


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