Business Blogging is Thought Leadership

If you are blogging about your business, are your posts conveying much about the meaning behind your business organisation, or are they just content churned out to fill the schedule?

Blogging will be a routine for more businesses who have come to realise the power of content in marketing. But often there won’t be enough emphasis on who will be the right person to maintain the blog and to enrich the content. Sad to say, many business owners will rather outsource the task of content creation and blog or social media maintenance to an agency, then appointing the real business expert from among the staff.

So the agent who perhaps has only got to know the said business for just a month tries to pretend to be a part of the business. How could someone who doesn’t grow up with the business, try to write about the business – with an impact?

Personally, I think 2 years is the least time a person will need to “start growing roots” into a business organisation, to really understand the ups and downs of the company and to learn from mistakes.

Having said that, I would rather 2 years of intensive work, proactive instead of passive learning. Applying business concepts in a real setting, and analysing what can be improved from past performances.

Surely, business blogging is not easy. A person appointed for the task has to set aside a couple of hours to create a blog post. Sometimes, creative visuals too need time to be produced.

But as many bloggers will agree, subsequently, the time taken for content creation will be reduced as the writing momentum and passion for engaging readers are established within the author’s mind.

When someone reads your work and leaves a comment, you feel that your work is acknowledged and you will feel like writing more. It’s like what a teacher feels when the students respond to what is taught. Fulfilment.

Among the many employees in a business organisation, there must be one or two who have many ideas and strategies for the organisation they are working for. There could be those who are always quick at solving problems. These are the potential business bloggers who can bring up their organisation’s reputation by telling others that there are good people behind the name of the organisation¬† and they are reliable indeed.

Outsourcing content creation will be a temporary measure to fill the gap before the true experts can be appointed from within the organisation. Outsourcing content editing is fine but NOT content creation.

Do not close an eye towards content creation for your business blogging. Get the right person for the job, the person who will speak from experience and from the heart of the organisation.


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