Singapore Adwords Certified Mom

What’s life about for a Mom after Adwords Certification?

She learns that the ads on Google are pretty technical and involve quite a number of statistics. She enters the virtual world called search engine marketing.

“Search” is no longer a verb, but becomes a field that is rapidly changing.

She loses her online shopping habit as she gets busy with keywords performance and click-through-rate.

She couldn’t stop checking her campaigns even when she was on holiday. Adwords is not a job, but now has become a routine, after breakfast.

She easily spots who is marketing what, on the SERP.

She carries a diaper bag plus a laptop bag, each time she brings her kids out on weekends.

Her desktop becomes cluttered with excel files containing keywords analysis, and reports.

She began to realise that Google is more than just a search engine. It is a business keeping its survival, through many algorithm changes.

She quickly joins her new family: the large community behind Google and other Adwords enthusiasts, who are great motivators and supporters in her learning expedition.

She swops the Reader’s Digest for Mashable.


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