Social Media Marketing in 2013 – Trend & Forecast

Another day of analysis and discovery.

OK, today’s lesson is about facebook ads. Yup!

For many months, I have been neglecting the facebook ad, but now, it’s time to ‘face’ it.

Why? Look at these graphs that I got from Google Trends:


And here is a quick look at what is on the minds of the marketers now…Yes, SEO still rules, and the developing countries are catching up in interest.Image

Of course, the next force to reckon with is the social marketing wave. Strategies have to take place now, and be reviewed frequently. As many experts say, we need to be AGILE in marketing.

Now is definitely NOT the time to just focus on ROI from Google ads alone. It is time to let the customers play their part in marketing your products. HUH?

Yes, via Facebook Ads and recommendations…and “so-and-so also likes this page”.  I actually did some behavioural predictions earlier.

Recommendations are the best of referrals. So facebook played the game really well. You can’t recommend much on Google Ads, unless you are logged on Google Plus.

But then again…who will click on a facebook ad if it is not a business-to-consumer ad, but a business-to-business ad?

Well, the fact that now some authorities banned the use of facebook during office hours make it a little hard. Unless you are using facebook solely for business during office hours.

Samsung has made it big on social media via facebook ads. I guess it comes with the type of product you are selling.

There is more to learn now about what works for facebook ads. Back to research mode.


2 responses to “Social Media Marketing in 2013 – Trend & Forecast

  1. Some interesting information there. I’ve not used Facebook ads yet, though have been very tempted to on many occasions. Interesting Google Trends graph.

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