Facebook Ads VS Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Which conversion tracking could be more accurate? Facebook Ads VS Google Ads Conversion Tracking

I was just checking Google Trends a few days ago, and found there is a higher interest in facebook ads than Google ads.

This article that came out yesterday, totally confirmed why.

Facebook creates a customized conversion pixel that advertisers place on a page—like a checkout page on an e-commerce site, or a signup page for a subscription, or an app-download page—where a consumer’s taking the action they hoped their ads would prompt.
That lets Facebook link sales to ad campaigns, showing in aggregate which ads generated the most response.
Google has long had similar features, along with Google Analytics, a dashboard for doing deep analysis of users’ actions on a website.
But Facebook has rolled out something far more powerful that can consistently track users across mobile devices and desktop websites.
It can do this because it has a single, unified identity for each of its users, who tend to stay logged in to Facebook far more than any other website.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-google-conversion-tracking-2013-1#ixzz2JDwQvBtg

Here’s a little more juice on the difference between the two.

Basically facebook ads are more display “push” marketing for creating awareness (users will look at the ads while they are socialising, but will tend not to click or if they do, they will not do any further action e.g. convert), while Google ads are pull marketing and are used to get users to convert.

Facebook ads are more useful if you are doing a viral campaign for engagement.



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