Wix vs WordPress SEO

SEO Comparison: Wix vs WordPress

I see people liking Wix everywhere on facebook so I decided to have a look at it myself.

And boy, I was awed by the amazing designs they have on Wix – I almost forgot about SEO. If Wix is really good, is it good for SEO too? Or is it only used by the laymen who don’t know the importance of SEO?

So, I quickly googled and found some write-ups. The one that really solves my question is by Mari Kane. Thank Mari, if you are reading this.

She had gone for a meet-up where Wix, Joomla and WordPress advocates talked about the benefits of each platform.

The conclusion is very reassuring to a WordPress SEO specialist like me:

  • WordPress offers greater flexibility for customisation and SEO. Clap clap!
  • Joomla requires more technical steps and can be more time consuming. It was actually designed as a CMS to suit large websites.
  • Wix is great if you are not interested in appearing top in search results and are just doing some personal site.




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