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Easy Way to Create Facebook App via ShortStack

For the past week, I have been very keen on facebook apps and was viewing some video tutorials on how to create a simple facebook app. Well, there are quite a few steps that have to be completed, before you see the tab on your facebook page e.g. copy and paste URLs, fill up some fields on the developer page, etc.

So, I procrastinated a bit, because I knew that the process would require some time, especially for a developer zero like me, and someone who has to juggle two pre-schoolers and the desire to learn new social media techniques.

Well, today luck is on my side, and has presented itself via Socialbrite’s blog, a good resource for non-profit organisations. I found ShortStack, an easy way to create a facebook app, using the free option. There is a paid option also, if your fan likes are above 2000.

But for starters, I think that free option is satisfying enough. There are several themes to choose from, and the templates are working fine for simple requirements like getting users to download.

Yes, just under 10 minutes, I already have now a new facebook tab. Satisfied and proud. 🙂