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Business Writing Tips: Engaging Content Is Not About “We”. It’s About “You”

Thanks to Copyblogger on the reminder to always focus on the reader and how to enlighten the reader. Very essential tips in business writing and proposals. Even in social media, these are true enough!

Often when writing about services that we provide, or writing a marketing proposal, there seem to be a subconscious tendency to use “we” in the text as we describe our strengths and what we can do for the customer.

Try reading what you have written and put yourself in the customers’ shoes. You are not helping the customers understand how your services can solve their challenges. You are just focusing on what you can do, but what can the customer do with your services?

What I mean is paraphrase your text – instead of saying: “We provide SEO services…blah, blah, blah”, you should say: “You can experience more web traffic when you engage our SEO services.”

To hit the strings of your customers/readers:

1. Develop detailed customer personas  – research who they really are

2. Find out their likes and dislikes

3. Find out what stops them from converting/purchasing

4. Remind yourself to always focus on “You” (the customer) and not “We”(the seller). Talk in terms of their interest.

5. Appreciate and encourage the customers, to make them feel important.

6. Personalise your text, and make the reader smile.

7. Remind your customer of the potential of success, and mistakes to avoid.