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When Social Media Gets Bullsh**ty


Ok, let me start the discussion on this very sensitive topic. For a newbie like me, I am not in a position to discuss this. But I think I can say just a little something.

Yesterday, I was reading up a post on Google+ and found an article on why social media is bullsh**.

The author said that social media success stories are fabricated and are not accurate, because these are always backed by a lot of investments, or endorsements by celebrities who already have a ready audience.

For the ordinary people, it is tough to make it big on social media except for a few rare content creations.

I do agree with the part on huge investments behind social media. And I do agree that marketing gurus are sharing tips actually to make money. They have a right to earn a living too. But whatever that they have preached must be true and effective. As a strong value that I have emphasized at the introduction of this blog, every teacher is responsible for whatever they have taught.

It is a reckless act to share something which you picked from somewhere on the Internet, without making sure the accuracy or facts in it.

Huge social media agencies should not let money get in the way of delivering useful and true content. Newbies like me look up to such organisations as experts in the field and would most likely adopt whatever tips recommended by them. We don’t even know if a piece of content is fabricated and is done basically to get some media hype.

So, what I’ve learnt from the Social Media is Bullsh** article is that to be successful online, we should not blindly follow gurus. We have to make our own judgement as to what will work for us, and execute our plan.

Online age (how long you have been registered on a site) will not be a relevant factor. So do social status, or how big or small your organisation is. It is you and your goals – your pure intentions and your realistic goals (short term and long term).

By the way, it’s Social Media Week Singapore! Great events to liven up the week coming up.