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Why Work-at-Home Policy Will Benefit Working Moms in the Long Run

There was a furor when Marissa Mayer decided to ban work-at-home policy at Yahoo. Right when the government in Singapore is planning more flexible work arrangement for the working mothers with young children and a few other perks for mothers to return to the workplace.

According to Mashable today, the reason for Marissa’s action is due to less productive employees working at home and those “over” productive (employees who actually form startups while still being on Yahoo’s payroll). These are valid concerns, but what about those not falling in these two groups of employees. The serious workers who work at home, in fact some perhaps even work better at home and have established a good routine between work and family.

Think About This: Why Work-at-Home Will Benefit Both Employers and Employees in the Long Run

1. No travelling time, no morning hour rush = Work can start earlier in the day. Contribute less to greenhouse gases. The travelling time can also be replaced with morning yoga in your garden or the nearest park.

Benefit to employer: More work done, and no time wasted due to traffic jams. If we were to quantify say this as an hour. What is an hour times 22 working days per month? 22 hours extra for your employee. If an employee does morning exercise, for the employer it means staff are more fit as they take care of their health. Less cases of flu.

2. Nutritious home-made lunch = Healthy and cheap,  no need to queue, “choppe” (Singapore slang for “reserve”) seats (using tissue packets or umbrella) or rush for lunch at all. Food is prepared by your own hands and ensured hygienic.

Benefit to employer: Employees will be less likely to suffer from food poisoning (fewer sick leave) and won’t waste time on queuing for food, or be stuck in a traffic jam or heavy rain (if the employees have to take lunch far from the office.) Thus, again: More work can be accomplished by the employees.

3. A mother’s presence at home = Nanny, helper, baby sitter/au pair will be looking after your young child with real-time monitoring. No fear of child abuse or maid leaving the house to socialise. No need surveillance camera. More control on parenting as you will meet your children more frequently.

Benefit to employer: Happier working mothers who can continue to contribute to the organisation. Fewer cases of urgent/childcare leave where mothers have to be home in cases where the child is ill or when the helper flees from their job and the poor mothers have to take leave or time-off from work to search and train a new helper.

How do you see this as beneficial for the society? Leave your comments.